By Karin

What is Intuitive Eating - About intuitive eating and how it might help you. 

Why Quit Dieting? - Most people do not realize the side effects of trying to monitor food intake.

What Is Disordered Eating? - Discusses emotional eating vs deprivation-driven eating, orthorexia, compulsive exercise and more. Free Eating Styles handout.

Finding Freedom with Food: Attuned Eating - Article I wrote about intuitive eating that was published in the GURZE catalogue.

What Are Eating Disorders? - Discusses eating disorders including the new ARFID and OSFED, as well as treatment recommendations.

Overcome Exercise Resistance and Become Joyfully Active - People often think of themselves as lazy, but it is possible that something else is going on that keeps you from being physically active. Find out how to become joyfully active. And here are specific suggestions to overcome exercise resistance.

Addicted to Exercise - Those who are strongly committed to their exercise routines often say they love it, but it's possible they maintain strict regimens because they can't quit because, if they take more than a couple of days off, they are overwhelmed with unwanted feelings and are compelled to exercise again. What began as the pursuit of pleasure has become the avoidance of pain.

Finding a Nutritionist Skilled in Treating Eating Disorders - If you have decided to seek treatment for disordered eating or an eating disorder, make sure the professionals you work with are skilled, highly skilled if possible. This book chapter I wrote, though dated, was published in The Eating Disorders Sourcebook by Carolyn Costin. 

What Stage of Recovery Am I In? - Ever feel ambivalent about giving up your eating disorder? Well, this is normal. Those working to recover from eating disorders often feel much ambivalence and vacillate between stages of recovery as they move forward. To get an idea of what stage you are in, complete this checklist.

By Others

For the Spouse, Parent, Sibling, or Friend - Ongoing support is one of the most valuable tools a person with disordered eating can have. This article about helping someone with bulimia can also be applied to anyone with food issues. 

No Apologies For Eating Pretzels - by Nikki Norris, a past client, reprinted here with her permission. Find out what life is like beyond eating issues. Published in the Orlando Sentinel,  on May 5, 2007 (renamed Poetry and Pretzels). 

Dealing With The Body Police - Take this tongue-in-check quiz about dealing with people who are not minding their own business. Adapted from Real Gorgeous: The Truth About Body and Beauty by Kaz Cooke. (PDF)

Digestion Takes Time and Energy - Many people with eating issues believe that food turns into body fat almost immediately. This is simply not true, and a basic understanding of digestion may help. Every time food passes your lips, it marks the beginning of an incredible journey. (PDF)

Everything I Learned About Dieting - Humorous look at dieting behavior by Dave Barry.

Wanting to Be Thin vs. Being Thin - When we want, we can dream about how it will be when we get exactly what we want. That incurs no disappointment. But getting it? That's different. Find out more about wanting...and wanting to be thin!

Inward Listening: A Path to Authentic Relationship with Your Inner Self - Learn the core foundations to building a healthy relationship with your inner self through inward listening. By Cassie Hessler-Smith, PhD, a therapist in Gainesville, Florida who specializes in treating those suffering from trauma and eating disorders.

The Eater's Agreement - An amazingly nourishing affirmation.

Body Ownership and No Food Issues- Where do you fall on the continuum between food issues vs no food issues, and body loathing vs body ownership?

As you go through your day, try to look at food differently. Look at how it works for your body: nourishing, fueling, and allowing pleasure. Notice how food feels friendly when you eat intuitively. And notice, when you are not eating intuitively, if food is there for you as a friend. Can you feel the difference?
— Food: Friend and Fuel? - Stay Attuned