Beverly Kraus

Bridget began her career providing medical nutrition therapy for patients with kidney failure. Working with patients suffering from a host of morbidities, she saw the importance of heeding lifestyle recommendations to prevent and alleviate disease.

Bridget has worked as a work site wellness dietitian, developing programs and presentations to promote well-being and health risk reduction.

Working with individuals experiencing a wide spectrum of health issues, she recognized that nutrition therapy loses power when it is not complemented by a holistic approach. 

 For several years she has been interested in mindful eating practices and turned to Intuitive Eating when she saw how regimented diet plans are not sustainable and the feelings of failure they cause for her clients, as well as herself. Bridget’s own history of disordered eating has given her the perspective of feeling controlled by food, as well as the feeling of freedom once the non-diet approach is embraced.

 Bridget focuses on the mind-body connection, and aims to help others find a more peaceful, pleasurable relationship with food and themselves by breaking away from traditional dieting practices. She believes that every individual deserves to live a life feeling capable and free of food’s control.

Bridget created her food blog, The Road Not Processed, in 2011 to document her journey with nutrition experimentation and recipe development. She has written about a variety of nutrition topics including recipes for medical nutrition therapy and the philosophical relationships present with food.

Bridget is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as well as Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine.