Implement intuitive eating in your work. Learn to treat disordered eating and enhance counseling skills. Structured programs as well as individual lectures.

Example: Hunger / satiety journal

Example: Hunger / satiety journal

Worksheets for Clients

Implement intuitive eating / nondiet approach with free worksheets and handouts, including Hunger/Satiety Scale. Also, purchase worksheets.

Learn and Earn CE's

Earn continuing education credits (CE's) with Karin's best selling book, Moving Away From Diets; or online course, Nutrition and Eating Disorders


Personality Systems

The Enneagram is a powerful personality typing system, intruiguing in its depth and accuracy, that can significantly enhance work clients.

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Student Internship

Year-long internship for students interested in treating disordered eating and eating disorders, as well as intuitive eating.

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Get one-on-one or group coaching to improve counseling skills for working with intuitive eating, disordered eating and eating disorders.