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Understand and Resist Harmful Media Messages - Interesting stuff at About-Face. Check out offending ads and winning ads. Images update often, bookmark this site!


Thin Mints Get Chewed Out - Feisty editorial about the Girl Scouts Cookie boycott, which claims public health is endangered by this trafficking of cookie contraband. 2/07

Obesity Epidemic? Our obsession with weight is the real disease. 3/06.

Surgeons Guilty - They enhance "after" pictures! Practitioners make their work appear far more effective than it is. Yet they can still claim photos are not "touched up," find out why. 3/06


Weight Watchers Guilty - They enhance "after" pictures! (Note how, even 3 years after losing weight, this woman is still wrapped up in her looks and fatness/thinness. Still not free. 3/03


The Joy Diet by Martha Beck - For enhancing and savoring life.

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