A Radically Different Approach

This interactive 6-week class is focused on mindful, intuitive eating and helping you feel more comfortable in your body. You will discover exactly why traditional approaches to eating and weight so often backfire. Through group discussions, readings, and techniques you will practice, you will learn to use your innate eating wisdom to guide your eating and successfully manage your weight. 

In between our meetings, you will also be able to listen to nutrition therapy sessions with clients that I hand picked to help you learn mindful, intuitive eating. In a way, it is like having your own nutrition therapy sessions, listening to others challenge belief systems and try on new behaviors as you do the same.

Next program is not yet scheduled. Let us know if you are interested.  

Location: 2630 NW 41st St, Suite D3, Gainesville.

Cost: $219 ($36/week)


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Flyer for the Eating Wisdom Group

More About the Group

The Eating Wisdom Group began as a 10-week training program for students and professionals who wanted to help clients who struggle with eating and body image issues. It turns out many of the participants had eating problems. As they went through the training, I was amazed at how easily they transformed their eating, often ending the program with no issues! I decided to offer a similar group for clients. I took out the "professional" part, and now offer it to you, as the Eating Wisdom Group!

Please do call if you have any questions.

Kind Words

"I have stopped eating way past comfortable. I rarely feel guilt regarding my diet."
DS, Gainesville

"I have become better at listening to my body’s hunger/satiety cues, which has decreased a lot of the anxiety I had around eating. I also understand my eating patterns more and can better recognize when I am eating for emotional reasons or because I am truly hungry."
SP, Gainesville

"I learned so much about my eating and my food/body image problems. Decoding fat thoughts was so empowering and it changed me completely. Although I still have some problems ALWAYS trusting my body, trusting happens more than disciplining now. Also, I have reconnected with exercise in a whole new way. I enjoy moving my body and I don’t despise the gym. It’s so awesome how your body works when you trust it."
HR, Gainesville

"The material is eye-opening. You will learn things about yourself that you never knew, and will think of things in a different context after hearing how others in the group learned things they never knew about themselves. Karin has a wealth of knowledge that she shares exceptionally well in an easy, professional, and relaxing environment."
CR, Gainesville

"I am able to decode fat thoughts/talk and understand that when I’m feeling bad about my body there is gen-erally something else going on that has nothing to do with my body. I am more appreciative of my body and enjoy doing self-care activities like joyful movement and relaxation exercises to show respect for my body."
SP, Gainesville

"I have started to show gratitude towards my body which has allowed me to love myself in a whole new way. Appreciating my body’s abilities has been very powerful for me."
KU, Gainesville