Learn About The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a powerful personality typing system, intriguing in its depth and accuracy. It is also an ancient tool used for personal and spiritual self-discovery. Learning the Enneagram, its 9 key personality types, and more specifically, your type, is eye-opening.

Karin teaches a beginining and advanced Enneagram workshop, along with Donna LaBarge, a therapist also trained in the Enneagram. We have gotten overwhelming reviews:  

"I have a learned more about the way I think and act, which has decreased the amount of judgment/criticism for who I am. I am now able to better connect with people and understand them by using the enneagram as a guide."
SP, Gainesville

"I realize that everyone has different ways of reacting to situations. I used to find myself asking why people acted a certain way and why they didn’t think like me, but it is because not everyone thinks like me and that is okay. I really think this self-awareness is what I have been searching for for SO long and is what I really needed to truly grow. It has opened up a whole new world to me."
FG, Gainesville

It is absolutely fascinating to watch others recognize their personality pattern, and seeing the differences between the nine types, in attitude, thought process, and even body energy. 

To read about the types, go to What Is My Type  . The advantage of the workshop is you see the types is real life, and can more easily understand how to use this in your personal and professoinal life. To learn more about the worksshops, go to:

 Enneagram Groups and Workshops, or read on:

What is the Enneagram All About?

According to the Enneagram, we learned to cope with life by developing one of nine key strategies. These stategies remain largely unconscious, even to those who have done considerable insight work! The shadow side can remain hidden even when you have done extensive therapy. However, the Enneagram shows us this shadow side with remarkable clarity.

As we develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and others through the Enneagram, we can move past the habitual (and often worn-out coping strategies), become less reactive to situations that trigger us, and begin to see life from a broader point of view.

It is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to improve relationships with themselves and with others.

What is the Origin of the Enneagram?

The Enneagram has roots that go back many centuries. Originally a secret tradition that was transmitted orally, in the early 20th century, theorists began to write about and more formally teach the Enneagram.

Do the Dietitians at Nutrition Therapy Associates Use the Enneagram?

Yes, we do, but it is not necessary for you to learn about it. We have found different maladaptive eating patterns go with each of the personality types. Knowing the types helps unravel eating and weight issues.

We study the Enneagram to enhance our work with clients, as well as for personal growth. It has proven to be an invaluable tool for both; although you do not need to be involved with the Enneagram. If you are interested, let us know.

Karin has trained extensively in the Enneagram and offers workshopsand personal sessions.

What Others are Saying

"Oh gosh, where to begin?! The workshops really transformed the way I relate to people by understanding people who are different from me. It helped me become less judgmental towards myself and practice more regular self-care, which has improved my mental and emotional health tremendously. It’s a great tool to use when getting to know a patient and to understand their motivations for doing/not doing things."

~ SP, Gainesville


"I learned how my thought process works and how it can work as a road block at times. I can now catch myself doing “6ish” things that are not helping or are worsening a situation. Discovering that I am a 6 has also helped me feel less out of place. Before, I used to believe I was weird or wrong because of the way I think and process situations. Learning about this has also helped me understand how others think, act, and express themselves. I never realized how different people might process situations or react to events."

"I honestly thought everyone had the same characteristic/qualities as me and would get so frustrated when things I would do for people wouldn’t be reciprocated. Its awesome to learn how different people really are. I’m a lot more accepting of people for who they are."
~ KL, Gainesville


"What we learned in the weekend workshop is so valuable in helping the therapist understand the client’s tendencies and thought patterns."
~ KU, Gainesville

"I have a learned more about the way I think and act, which has decreased the amount of judgment/criticism for who I am. I am now able to better connect with people and understand them by using the enneagram as a guide."

~ SP, Gainesville