Fat Can Be Fit and Healthy

From Time Magazine - Fit at Any Size. "The word health has been made to mean skinny, and that has to change." 6/08

Bicycling and Large Bodies - Surprises in The Bicycling Paradox: Fit Doesn’t Have to Mean Thin. Maybe one day people won’t make assumptions about body size, as some did in this article. 7/07

Fat Can Be Fit and Skinny Couch Potato Not Fit - Thinness is not the solution to America’s health problems. 5/07

Health Benefits With Fatness - Both U.S. and Swedish studies indicate that "fatness is not associated with increased doctor visits, medical procedures or hospitalizations...Fat men took no more days of sick leave...and were no more likely to have work-limiting health conditions.” “‘Obese’ men and women over age 60 are no more likely to suffer from chronic diseases than ‘average-weight’” persons.” But they are more likely to survive longer. Read more. 12/06



First, Do No Harm - Lots of research looking at the failures of dieting and how thinness should not be equated with health.


Big Fat Lies - by Glenn Gaesser

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