What is Intuitive Eating Like?

Think back to a time when you:

  • didn't count calories, carbohydrate or fat grams or worry about correct portion sizes?
  • ate when you felt hungry and easily stopped eating when you were satisfied?
  • coped with difficult issues and feelings without using food?
  • felt comfortable in your own skin?
  • played and moved for fun instead of exercised to lose weight?

That is intuitive eating and a life free from eating struggles!

Intuitive Eating Can Help

If you are afraid to eat, or if you eat too much or if you feel food has taken up too much time and space in your life, intuitive eating can help. You will learn to free yourself from meal plans, diet programs, and other eating formulas. You will be able to eat without the external controls that society says are so necessary (portion control, good food/bad food lists, etc).

As an intuitive eater, you will let go of disordered eating behaviors including emotional eating, restricting, binging, purging, obsessing, and "food addictions." You will eat healthfully while using your natural ability to eat when hungry and quit when satisfied.

The term intuitive eating was coined by Eveyln Tribole and Elyse Resch in their book Intuitive Eating in 1995. (A book I highly recommend.) At the same time, I was writing my book, Moving Away From Diets, which was published in 1996. We called this internally-regulated eating by the term "physically-connected eating," which was not very excited. 

Intuitive eating requires a complete break from the belief that we need some find of plan or formula to be successful at eating and weight management. It is not easy to do, because it is so vitally different from how we are brought up eating, but it is well worth the effort. 

Freedom usually is!

I know, I had to learn intuitive eating to heal from my eating problems back in the 80s when there was little written about it. I pieced together what I could by reading books like Breaking Free from Emotional Eating and Diet's Don't Work, which has been re-released as Diet's Still Don't Work

Today you have so many more resources. If you are interested in becoming an intuitive eater, give me a call. Also, read books such as Intuitive Eating, and Breaking Free from Emotional Eating. 

You can also download free, the HungerScale and Intuitive Eating Journal






Join us for Eating Wisdom Group 

Eating Wisdom™ Group is a 10-week program focused on learning intuitive eating, self-acceptance and healing body image struggles in a safe and supportive environment. 

Eating Wisdom™ will challenge much of what you have been taught about successful food and weight management. Through group discussions, readings, and techniques you will practice, you will learn to use your internal wisdom to guide your eating and successfully manage your weight. This "intuitive eating" results in a freedom around food that some can recall from early childhood. Our goal is for you to easily manage your food intake in any situation (for instance, the ability to walk away from food when satisfied simply because you have lost interest in eating--rather than because you ate the right portion, or you tell yourself you must be done), and to feel comfortable in your body.

We ask that you allow 2-4 hours to prepare for each session. You will have readings, eating challenges, as well as listen to several taped nutrition therapy sessions with clients (with their permission) that are highly instructive in learning intuitive eating. In a way, it is almost like having your own nutrition therapy sessions, listening to others challenge belief systems and try on new behaviors as you do the same.

Read comments from past participants to find out what they got out of it. 

All sessions are led by a Registered Dietitian/Licensed Nutrition Therapist who specialized in intuitive eating. Cost is $40/week, plus 2 books (~ $32 - though you can buy at Amazon for less). Size is limited, so call early! 352-371-8181.

Eating Wisdom™ began as a training program for students and professionals to work with clients who struggle with eating and body image issues. It turns out many of the participants had eating problems. As they went through the training, we were amazed at how easily they shifted their eating and body image issues, and decided to offer a similar group for our clients. We took out the academics, and now offer it to you, as Eating Wisdom™ Group!