Examples of Lectures

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Attuned Eating: Healing Eating and Weight Struggles

Tired of the diet roller coaster? Tired of trying to force yourself to eat healthfully? Then try attuned eating! Where diets fail because they are all about rules, restrictions and the biology of starvation, attuned eating promises a return to the freedom around food and weight that many of us only remember from childhood. Learn the tools and techniques you need to begin attuned eating in your own life.  

Selling Insecurities: How Food Advertisements Influence Our Eating

We often think eating is a matter of personal choice. However, food advertisements influence not only how women eat, but also how they eat—or don’t eat. Come find out exactly how much of your eating is NOT personal choice. Find out how food advertisers exploit and manipulate women every single day. And learn how you can immunize yourself from these ads. You will never look at a food advertisement the same way again!

Fat, Facts and Fantasies

The failure rate for dieting is 95 to 98%.  Yet Americans spend over 50 billion each year on dieting...and keep getting fatter as a result.  Most people do not realized that there are two parts to dieting -- the weight loss phase and the recovery phase, which is when food cravings take over and weight regain occurs. Learn why this second phase exists and what to do about it.

Afraid of a Cookie?

Is fear of "forbidden foods" controlling your life?  Do you expend an inordinate amount of energy trying to control food intake?  This presentation will explore the effect of our culture’s view of food on individuals’ attitudes toward themselves and ultimately their health care practices.  Attendees will learn techniques to help move beyond food concerns and toward a more relaxed relationship with food while enhancing health and stabilizing weight.

Discovering the Joy of Attuned Eating

Infants and children have the ability to self-regulate nutrient intake for optimal health and weight.  Adults often lose this ability as they become dependant upon external cues to determine when, what and how much to eat.  In this presentation, participants will learn specific techniques to help clients eat in response to their internal signals of hunger and satiety with the ultimate goal of health enhancement.

Pathology or Biology? Dealing with “I Feel Fat” and Related Issues

We are told there is an “obesity epidemic,” but what we really have is an epidemic of women feeling fat. Yet fat is not a feeling. So what is going on? The answers will surprise you! Learn how to deal with “I feel fat” and how to transform it into a tool for personal growth!


Kind Words

"Karin is an engaging speaker who kept my interest throughout. I got quite a few new ideas to implement in my practice. Thank you!"
~ National Eating Disorders Association conference attendee

"Wow, Karin was one of the best speakers at the conference. I appreciated how clearly she presented some fairly difficult concepts."

"Yes, would definitely want to see a presentation by Karin again. She was a good speaker who kept my attention, and that is very important to me."

"Very interesting. I wish the talk could have been longer."

"I've seen Karin talk before, which is why I attended this talk. She did not disappoint."

"I never heard of some of the stuff she presented, but it all made sense. I got some good ideas for changing my food that I'm going to start doing right away."