Kristina Bergman - 2014-2015

After spending four years at the University of Florida, taking 180 credits and securing two degrees (one in nutrition and one in psychology), I have to admit I probably learned the most about myself and the field I want to pursue through interning and completing the Intuitive Eating Practicum with Dr. Karin Kratina. Read more.....

Kathleen Lowans - 2013-2014

Shortly after adding a dietetics specialization to my nutrition major, I received an email from the dietetics list serve from Dr. Kratina describing an intensive training she was organizing. I had no idea what I wanted to do as a dietitian but I felt compelled to inquire more about the opportunity. I had NO idea what I was signing up for. Once I began the intensive practicum, I learned a completely different way of thinking of health and nutrition that just so happened to change my life (professionally and personally). During my first year with Dr. Kratina I underwent extensive training to not only understand intuitive eating and its benefits to my life, but how it can save lives of people around me. In my second year with Dr. Kratina I received more hands on experience and even led a group with women recovering from the trauma and negative effects from a lifetime of dieting and losing connect to their internal hunger and satiety signals. The experience I received was unlike anything I would have learned in college. I highly recommend it! You will not regret it.