Professional Training / Products

Training professionals has been Karin's passion, and she has been doing so since 1992, either through group lectures or 1:1 supervision. She has trained health professionals from across the country through lectures and phone supervision. . More recently, she created an Intuitive Eating Practicum and a Counseling and Disordered Eating Practicum which have been attended by staff from the University of Florida Counseling and Wellness Center and the UF Athletic Assocation. 

Coaching For Professionals

Therapists • Dietitians • Coaches

Get one-on-one or group supervision to improve your counseling skills for working with intuitive eating, disordered eating and eating disorders. Learn specific skills and techniques for greater success when working with your clients. Listen to taped session while reviewing transcripts that outline counseling concepts.  

Student Practicums

Dietetic • Psychology • Counseling • Health Education

We accept a small group of students who are willing to work hard, are willing to look at themselves and can handle feedback in a safe and supportive environment. We create a close knit group that supports each other in learning and practicing new skills. Be ready to learn information, skills and techniques that are very different from what you hear in school.

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Enneagram Training

We offer two Enneagram workshops with a total of 10 CE's. Size of the group is limited to no more than 15 so we have plenty of time for discussion, typing and generally, having fun. 

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Worksheets for Clients

Help your clients with worksheets developed by Karin Kratina. Use a second set of worksheets for your private practice, focused on working with eating problems. Download free worksheets, including the Hunger/Satiety Scale and the Hunger/Satiety Journal. Purchase worksheet packets.

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Moving Away From Diets

Read the first book written about intuitive eating and self/size acceptance for professionals. Nancy King and Dayle Hayes and I were writing this at the same time Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch were writing Intuitive Eating for the public. 

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