Self and Body Acceptance

Many woman reject the notion of self/body acceptance. They believe that if they accept themselves, they will not lose weight.

Research does not support this idea, those who are dissatisfied with their bodies are likely to end up larger! Common sense does not support this idea either since the more we like ourselves, the more likely we are to take good care of ourselves, right?

Almost all women can use some self/body acceptance, no matter if we are fat or thin or in-between. Regardless of size, the following are fun and enlightening!

This Is Who I Am: Our Beauty In All Shapes and Sizes - Beautiful book with elegant nude photos of women of diverse size, shape and age.  Each woman shares her personal struggles with body image. The strength of these women shine through in every frame.

A Fat Rant - We love this video! Go Joy Nash!!!!
Fat Rant 2 - Another video showing compulsive behaviors, also by Joy Nash.
Fat Rant 3 - How do you respond if someone comments on your size? 
Totally Awesome - Appreciating diverse beauty. 
Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) - Fun music video by Mika. 

Losing the Weight Stigma - Argues that you can’t assume someone is unhealthy just because she’s fat, any more than you can assume someone is healthy just because she’s slim. Rather, they say, we should focus on health measurements that are more meaningful than numbers on a scale. 

Joy Nash and Kelly Bliss Go Up Against MeMe Roth (of the National Action Against Obesity) - I'm glad I wasn't on that show, MeMe (whose name says a lot ...memememe) would not have survived! Part 2. If you think ol' MeMe makes sense, go to Obesity Myths Debunked.

Meme Roth is a Psycho - Sometimes we need support to challenge dominant thinking. So, I like this one!!! (KK)

BMI: Freaking Out About Nothing - Note comments on ht/wt at the upper right. Can you use this slide show to discuss how insane the government weight standards are?

Campaign for Real Beauty - Powerful short film created by Dove exposing the reality behind media/advertising images.


Kelly Bliss Speaks the Truth About Alli (a diet drug). Really listen to what she is saying!  

Ten Things You Can Do - For yourself and the girls in your life to re-learn body acceptance.


A Fat Girl's Guide To Life by Wendy Shanker
Live Large! by Cheri Erdman

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