Heal Your Relationship with Food and Body... Change Your Life!

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  • Can't stop eating?
  • Feel addicted to food?
  • Struggle with emotional eating?
  • Feel trapped by weight loss goals?
  • Unable to make the food changes you want?
  • Been told you need treatment for an eating disorder?

If you've struggled to follow nutrition advice; if you have plenty of nutrition information, but can't seem to apply it; if, no matter how careful you are, you can't seem to control your food;  we "get it." 

Finally, break free from eating and weight struggles! Successfully manage your food and weight without food rules, diets, counting calories or any of the other techniques that take up so much time, and often don't work. Let us help you live a life free of eating and weight concerns! 

How Healthy Eating Backfires and What To Do About It

Do you try to eat healthy, yet find yourself eating 'junk'? Find out how healthy eating can backfire, leaving you subtly dissatisfied, feeling guilty, and making it difficult to control your food intake. And find out how to get back on track. Learn more.  ****


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Is Your Personality Type Interfering With Your Eating and Weight?



Nutrition Counseling

We provide compassionate nutrition therapy in-person, by phone or Skype to give you the support you need and the results you want. We are highly qualified; in fact, Karin is a nationally known expert whose books and worksheets are used internationally.) Read more... **** 

Somatic Experiencing

Do emotions interfere with your ability to manage your food?

Do you feel too stressed to make the changes you want?

Learn more about this amazing body centered approach to healing emotional eating.



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Dr. Karin Kratina is a nationally recognized nutrition therapist, author and speaker who is known for her groundbreaking work with intuitive eating and eating disorders. She co-authored the first professional book on intuitive eating, and has trained 1000s of professionals through her workshops and writings. 

She can help you discover your “eating wisdom,” and develop a natural eating style that is enjoyable and easy to live with, so you can successfully manage your food and weight.


What's New

Karin recently presented for the National Association of Social Workers on "When Words Are Not Enough: Using Somatic Therapy to Help Clients Move Past Unresolved Issues."

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