What Is My Enneagram Type?

There are nine Enneagram "types." Each type has the same basic motivations and views the world in similar ways. As you learn about your type you will learn more about your gifts and positive qualities. You will also learn more about your self-defeating tendencies, blind spots, and ways to get yourself stuck.

It is often difficult to face ourselves with the level of honesty the Enneagram provides. Know that there is no one pattern that is better than any other. Each has fascinating positives, and equally fascinating negatives associated with it.

There are many online tests you can take to help determine your Enneagram type. Unfortunately, while they are interesting and can lead you in the right direction, they are often inaccurate.

The best way to determine your type is to read about each type and determine which one sounds the most like you (and it might actually be the type that makes you most uncomfortable).

Attending a workshop *** can also help you identify your type, as well as deepen your understanding of the Enneagram. Sign up for our Enneagram newsletter ***** to find out when workshops are scheduled.

Meanwhile, check out Enneagram Institute for a short description of the types. Look around for more in depth description.