Why I Turned My Back on Formal Education (Some of It, Anyway)

As a Nutrition Therapist, I've specialized in helping those with eating problems since the 80s. However, I was well acquainted with eating issues before then


A Bachelors in nutrition and Master's in exercise physiology did little to heal my own eating problems. In fact,  it made them worse. Ironically, it was not until I turned my back on that education that I was able to end my food and weight struggles. (You can read about my story if you're interested.)

I bring these discoveries to my work with clients to help them heal emotional eating, disordered eating, body image issues and weight concerns.

Years of Experience

I specialized in eating and weight issues in 1983, and have trained and collaborated with experts in the field. I have lectured at many professional conferences, and have written numerous  books, book chapters and articles, including the first professional book on intuitive eating, Moving Away from Diets

I developed nutrition and exercise services at The Renfrew Center of Florida, one of the first eating disorder treatment facilities, after working at 2 other eating disorder treatment facilities. Since that time I have been a consultant for numerous eating disorder facilities, including the University of Florida.

Always seeking new ways to help others (and myself), I have trained in numerous alternative therapies. One of the most powerful and helpful has been somatic therapy.

My PhD in Symbolic Anthropology focused on women's relationship with food and body in our culture. The resultant lengthy dissertation proved my theory that emotional eating and body image issues can be "decoded" to discover underlying issues. I use this decoding process in my work. 

With a strong background in psychology for over 30 years, I teach workshops on personality and how it impacts our decisions and ability to live the life we want. I also use information from this personality system to help clients make the changes they seek.

On a More Personal Note


Although I refuse to "exercise," to find out why), I love to water ski, folk dance, and am an avid mountain biker. Okay, well maybe it's really "trail riding" in Florida, but I also travel out west to ride.

My favorite mountain bike park outside of Florida is Deer Valley Ski Resort in Utah. Here is a picture of a "singletrack" trail among the Quaking Aspen in Deer Valley. 


And here I am at Whistler in Vancouver taking a break from a downhill mountain bike camp called Summer Gravity Camp. Their motto: Never Too Old To Learn New Tricks. Hmmm.

I'm in the middle. To my right is downhill champion, and our coach, Katrina Strand. To my left is Megan, who flew in from China to attend the camp. 





Here I am at my favorite Florida mountain bike trail, the Cross Florida Greenway Santos Trail System--with Logan in 2008. Santos is a wonderful network of over 40 miles of off-road trails just south of Ocala.

This picture was from an article published in the Ocala Star-Banner about the trails. 

My motto?

Forget the exercise and go have fun!