Kind Words

"Oh gosh, where to begin?! The workshops really transformed the way I relate to people by understanding people who are different from me. It helped me become less judgmental towards myself and practice more regular self-care, which has improved my mental and emotional health tremendously. It’s a great tool to use when getting to know a patient and to understand their motivations for doing/not doing things."
SP, Gainesville 

"I learned how my thought process works and how it can work as a road block at times. I can now catch myself doing “6ish” things that are not helping or are worsening a situation. Discovering that I am a 6 has also helped me feel less out of place. Before, I used to believe I was weird or wrong because of the way I think and process situations. Learning about this has also helped me understand how oth-ers think, act, and express themselves. I never realized how different people might process situations or react to events."

"I honestly thought everyone had the same characteristic/qualities as me and would get so frustrated when things I would do for people wouldn’t be reciprocated. Its awesome to learn how different people really are. I’m a lot more accepting of people for who they are."
KL, Gainesville

"What we learned in the weekend workshop is so valuable in helping the therapist understand the client’s tendencies and thought patterns."
KU, Gainesville

"I have a learned more about the way I think and act, which has decreased the amount of judgment/criticism for who I am. I am now able to better connect with people and understand them by using the enneagram as a guide."
SP, Gainesville

"I realize that everyone has different ways of reacting to situations. I used to find myself asking why people acted a certain way and why they didn’t think like me, but it is because not everyone thinks like me and that is okay. I really think this self-awareness is what I have been searching for for SO long and is what I really needed to truly grow. It has opened up a whole new world to me."
FG, Gainesville

"I not only grew and learned more about myself, but I also learned so much more about interacting with other people. I learned facts (that I actually can re-member on cue), but most of all, I learned how to better interact with the world around me."
HR, Gainesville

"I learned that there are so many different ways that people think and see the world/others. Understanding where others are coming from by knowing their type is so helpful both in counseling and everyday relationships. Learning about this has helped me relate to others better and have greater patience."
KU, Gainesville

The 9 Personality Types: Which Do I Use? And How It Creates My Life

Join us for this beginner workshop to discover the power of the enneagram. In this 6-hour workshop, you will take a tour of the nine types and learn how to use this insightful information to increase your self-awareness and improve relationships with others. Plus you will:

  • Become acquainted with the thoughts, feelings, preoccupations and reactions associated with your personality type.
  • Gain insight into the primary communication strategies and styles of each type and how these styles impact others.
  • Discover how to leverage the three Enneagram centers — Head, Heart and Body – to move beyond limiting beliefs and reactions.

Join us for this rich and interactive program and learn how connect with the authenticity that is often hidden beneath the stories and strategies of your Enneagram type.

Deeper Into the Enneagram: How Does My Personality Impact My Life and What Can I Do About It

Learning your Enneagram type launches you on an incredible journey of self-discovery. Not only do you develop insight as to the ways you habitually think, feel and behave, you also come to understand your motivations, strengths and challenges in relating to others. 

In this workshop, you will explore nuances of your personality type (Wings, and Security and Stress points), as a means to expand the ways in which you live in the world.

When you understand underlying motivations for your behaviors, and underlying motivations for your family, friends and coworkers, you will have gained insights needed to improve relationships and to feel a deeper connection to yourself, others and life.


We sometimes meet at a coffee shop to talk all things enneagram. Join our Facebook page to be notified, or email me at karin {at}

Workshop and Group Leaders

Dr. Donna LaBarge, a psychotherapist in private practice in Gainesville, and I lead the Enneagram workshops. We have both been through a year long teachers training (I've been through it twice, such was my fascination with the Enneagram), and have combined over 13 years of experience.

To be notified of upcoming workshops, join the Eating Wisdom newsletter, and make sure to indicate you are interested in what is going on in the Gainesville area. Or email from the Get Started page. 



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