The 9 Personality Types: 
An Introduction to the Enneagram

Discover the power of the Enneagram in this beginner workshop. You will be introduced to the nine types and learn how to use this insightful information to increase your self-awareness and improve relationships with others.

Next workshop: 9/16/18, Sunday.

Workshop Leaders

Dr. Donna LaBarge, a psychotherapist in private practice in Gainesville, and Dr. Karin Kratina, a nutritionist in private practice in Gainesville. We have both been through a year long teachers training, and have combined over 19 years of experience.

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Deeper Into the Enneagram:
Uncovering Motivations, Strengths and Challenges

Not only will you learn more about the Enneagram, but you will have the opportunity to see the Enneagram types in action in yourself and others. An amazing eye opening workshop.

Next workshop: 10/14/2018, Sunday.

Enneagram News

We sometimes meet at a coffee shop to talk all things enneagram. Join our Facebook page to be notified, or email me at karin {at} eatingwisdom.com.





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Discussion Groups
and Advanced Workshops

Additional workshops includes exploring individual personality types in a relaxed discussion format and other advanced workshops, including an interactive workshop for counselors. 

Check back for updates!!


What Participants
Are Saying

"I honestly thought everyone had the same characteristic/qualities as me and would get so frustrated when things I would do for people wouldn’t be reciprocated. Its awesome to learn how different people really are. I’m a lot more accepting of people for who they are."
KL, Gainesville

"I have a learned more about the way I think and act, which has decreased the amount of judgment/criticism for who I am. I am now able to better connect with people and understand them by using the enneagram as a guide."
SP, Gainesville