Intuitive Eating Practicum

Nutritionists • Therapists • Counselors • Health Educators

Learn concepts of internally-regulated eating, challenge current views of health and fitness, and practice decoding fat feelings. Try on eating challenges that you will use with clients. There will also be a 6-hour weekend workshop. Topics covered are: 

Wk 1: Getting Started and Philosophical Challenges
Wk 2: Tools/Techniques for Intuitive Eating and Diet Consequences
Wk 3: Unpacking Diet Mentality and Nuances of Hunger Cues
Wk 4: Listen to and Analyze Client Assessment and Using Hunger Cues
Wk 5: Techniques to Make Peace with Food
Wk 6: Recognizing and Using Fullness Cues; Listen To/Analyze Client Session
Wk 7: Using Satisfaction to Help Control Food Intake, Challenging Fitness Concepts
Wk 8: Body Image Issues, Decoding Fat Feelings and Client Session with Dietitian Not Trained in Intuitive Eating
Wk 9: Body Image Interventions, Eaters Agreement and Analyzing Research
Wk 10: Decoding Practice, Eating Activity Challenge, Client Session and Wrap Up

Meets 10 Wednesday evenings from 5pm to 6:45pm starting Sep 5, 2018 (we will skip 2 or 3 Wednesdays, so this will occur over 13 weeks--we will determine which weeks to skip on the first day). There is one weekend workshop, which will be on 9/16/18, from 9am - 3:30pm.

Price includes both Eating Wisdom online courses, a value of $54:

  1. Winning the Hunger Game: How to Quit Fighting Your Body and Become an Empowered Eating
  2. How to Use the Hunger Scale to Successfully Manage Your Eating and Weight

Price also include two professional handout packets. Some of the handouts can be used personally, but most are designed to use with clients:

  1. Assessment and Treatment Tools - used to work with clients with disordered eating and eating disorders, and includes forms to get started in a practice. $34.95
  2. Intuitive Eating / Counseling Tools - used to implement intuitive eating and body image work with clients. $49.95

For a total add-on value of $138.90, including in the price of the Practicum.

You need to be motivated and willing to put in ~ 2 hours to prepare for each session. Cost is $56 per weekly workshop, and $75 for the weekend workshop. You will need 2 books (~ $32 or you can probably purchase on Amazon cheaper).

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. This is a big commitment, I realize, but you will get a great deal from the Practicum as you can see from the reviews on the right. 

To apply, download and complete the Intuitive Eating Practicum application and return to karin @ eatingwisdom . com. If you are ready to sign up, you can do by clicking the "Schedule Appointment" in the upper right hand of this page. 

And If You Are Interested in More

Those completing this Practicum, or those who already have the knowldge base are eligible for the Counseling and Disordered Eating Practicum which will start in January 2019.

Counseling and Disordered Eating Practicum

* Prerequisite: Completion of Intuitive Eating Practicum

Learn motivational counseling skills and techniques to decode and heal eating and body image issues. There will also be a 6-hour weekend workshops to enhance your ability to do this work.

The weekly outline is:

Wk1: Shifting from Counseling to “Motivational Interviewing;” Skills Assessment
Wk2: Skills to Shift Counseling Styles, Somatic Work
Wk3: Kids and Eating/Weight Management
Wk4: Working with Eating Disorders
Wk5: Exercise Resistance, Compulsive Exercise and How To Deal With It
Wk6: Decoding Eating/Body-Focused Behavior and Disordered Eating
Wk7: Unpacking Underlying Meaning and Counseling Skills
Wk8: Transforming Body Image Practice
Wk9: Case Studies and Counseling Practice
Wk10: Skills Assessment and Wrap Up

This practicum typically meets 10 consecutive Tuesdays, except for Spring Break week, from 6:30pm to 8pm. Date will be determined to best meet the needs of attendees. There will also be a 6-hour weekend workshop. 

The cost is $560 for the 10 weeks, plus $75 for the weekend workshop. The book is $40 (Moving Away From Diets by Kratina, King and Hayes…you may get it cheaper on line.)

To Apply for the Intuitive Eating Practicum and Counseling and Disordered Eating Practicum

Please make sure you are interested specifically in the topic. This is not a good training if you just want some experience. If you want to specifically learn about intuitive eating and/or healing eating disorders, this is for you. Read what others have said about the Intuitive Eating and Counseling and Disordered Eating Practicums.

To get more information, call 352.371.8181 or complete the following:

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For more information about Intuitive Eating and Counseling and Disordered Eating Practicums

Kind Words From Participants:

"This practicum will transform the way you practice (or the way you think you will practice). The material is eye-opening.

You will learn things about yourself that you never knew, and will think of things in a different context after hearing how others in the group learned things they never knew about themselves.

Karin has a wealth of knowledge that she shares exceptionally well in an easy, professional, and relaxing environment. Sign up and don’t miss the opportunity to gain knowledge in a fascinating area that you won’t learn about in a traditional university setting!"

~ Cassie Rowe, RD, LDN

"This practicum has helped me so much. It is the best decision I have ever made. I have not counted calories in months; I don’t ever want to diet again. It has brought the foods I love back into my life and I am much closer to full acceptance of my body. It has helped break me out of fat talk and I am on my way to ridding myself of fat thoughts."

"It has been the most eye-opening experience of my life. I would never have been the same personally, and I really truly feel that this is what I have been looking for. It has brought me peace and so much happiness every time I think about the intuitive eating and other principles that we have learned in this internship."

"Decoding Fat Feelings was really empowering for me because I have finally learned to focus on other aspects of my life and not the food.  This internship changed my life radically."

"I gained a lot that I am proud of! I have a stronger healthier attitude about loving my body the way it is. I have shifted my self-body image to be more accepting and compassionate. I have also learned a lot of astounding facts about fat myths that I used to live by!"

"It’s impossible for me to pick a least important thing because everything we discussed throughout the practicum was valuable to me."

For more, read testimonials from participants.